Barlines in free rhythm

I have searched for a bit in the documentation and on the forum but I can’t find an answer to this one. I have a piece written in free rhythm with manually-inserted barlines but nothing that I have tried has made it possible to shift the lyrics so they do not conflict with the barlines. Has anyone found a solution to this? I have not encountered the issue at all with bars within a specified time signature but this one has me completely baffled. I have tried to attach an example of it but it will not let me upload either the Dorico file or the PDF so I’m not sure how else to illustrate it.


Welcome to the forum, avisato. Do you mean that you have barlines going between the staves and the lyrics are bumping into the barlines? It’s usual for vocal music not to have barlines joining the staves together for precisely this reason. If you zip up your Dorico project into a zip archive you should be able to attach that, and we’ll be able to advise.

(You can also just share a screenshot.)

If you use vocal staves, there shouldn’t be connecting barlines, in which case lyric collision shouldn’t be an issue. You can be in open meter and click in barlines wherever you want; as long as you’re using vocal staves it’s not a problem. Regardless, if you want connecting barlines, go into engrave mode and select the syllables you want to shift and just alt+arrow the syllables over a touch.