Barlines vertical alignment

Can you put this suggested rule in the future?
vertical alignment.jpg
For rythmic and music with a lot of repetition is more relaxing for the eyes
Dorico alignement:
Dorico vertical allignement.png
I didn’t know how to move barlines? Can we do?
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Yes, in the future we hope to be able to introduce a little variation in the way that the music is justified such that barlines won’t line up exactly, but it’s a slightly problematic thing to do, as the easiest way to approach it would be to allow the justification to be a little random, but making it a little random would also mean that it would change as the music is edited.

You cannot currently adjust the positions of barlines, though of course that’s not what you really want to do anyway: what you really want to do is change the spacing by a small amount in a couple of key places such that the barlines don’t line up. This will be possible in the relatively near future.