I just bought Dorico and am a complete noob with notation software. I cannot find how to insert barlines. Right now, I write in notes and no matter how many notes are written in it is all in 1 bar. Is Dorico not supposed to automatically insert barlines?

Welcome to the forum, Carl. To insert barlines, simply insert a time signature at the start of the flow. Please see this page in the Dorico documentation.

Feature Request:
Would it be possible to nudge barlines left and right using alt+[arrow] in open metered sections? I’ve run into, I don’t know how many times, a scenario transcribing chant where I’ve decided to add an extra note or lengthen something to make it clearer, only to then have to delete and reenter all my barlines downstream. It sure would be lovely if I could just alt arrow them over one beat like I can notes!

Romanos, does Insert mode help here?

The problem is insert only pertains to one voice or stave. I insert notes, but the barlines don’t shift which is a problem if you are in open meter and everything else is correct.

You can now use the Bars and barlines popover (shift+b) to add time to all voices. For instance, type 3q to add 3 quarter notes, 1h to add a half note etc. Very handy!


hpve, have you tried the new method Anders mentioned in the previous comment? I agree moveable barlines would be quite slick, but Shift-B does fill the functionality gap here quite nicely.

Well this is a new trick to me! Adding q’s via the popover is all I really need, although I still maintain that being able to alt+arrow barlines would be a good feature. I’m grateful to know about the update to the popover. I’d somehow missed it.

Yes, that is something I didn’t know! Wonderful!
But is it also possible to do -3q when you want less notes?

Yes. Just -3 will delete three bars.

Yes! beautiful!