Bars are being deleted in Engrave mode (error)?

Hello everyone,

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

I’ve been working with Dorico now for a little while (and really love the program) but I have noticed something that at first I put down to inexperience and nonfamiliarity with the ‘Dorico way’. I have tested and can repeat (occasionally) the same problem. That is…

If I am working in Engrave mode doing all those little tweaks we all do before signing off a project, moving thing here and there, I noticed that a bar would get deleted. All I was doing at the time was double clicking on and around a particular item to select it. Importantly, it never happens when I click inside a stave. There was no warning, no bar popover, no indication it happed and often I would only find out when checking the score later on.

Not knowing when it exactly happens it means reloading a backup with considerable and meticulous tweaks I’ve previous entered rendered useless as I have to redo them all. I must admit it does give me some trepidation and nervousness when working in Dorico that a bar may have already been deleted somewhere and I’ve yet to spot it.

I was under the impression that once in Engrave mode notes could not be edited (or deleted) so having bars disappear seemingly at random is very concerning.

Has anyone else experienced the same problem?



Turn off System Track (alt-T). Even though it’s invisible in Engrave mode, if it’s turned on it’s still there, and it gets in the way. This problem will be fixed in the next version.


Thanks for the insight.



No problem. For what it’s worth, it’s come up before, here:
but I certainly wouldn’t have expected you to find it!