Bars & Beats timeline

So after years of it being completely broken I noticed today IC has had an update and I have it working. Yet the arrange display STILL shows seconds instead of bars & beats. Who are these imaginary users that prefer seconds displayed instead of bars & beats when that’s what the actual timeline shows?

the craziest thing is that it actually locks to the bars & beats for LR markers (which I’m pretty sure it didn’t years ago when the app actually still worked) but why on can’t we just have Bars & Beats? I just don’t get it…

Tap the seconds display and it will turn to Bars and Beats.

Thanks for the suggestion but I’m not talking about that, I’m talking about the timeline which as you can see here, even when bars+beats is selected it’s still in seconds whilst in Cubase itself I have it set to bars + beats. It’s like nobody from Steinberg actually makes music or uses their software. The most ridiculous aspect it that the left right locators snap to bars & beats, it was like this years ago before it stopped working at all & was abandoned for 2-3 years.

At least it does actually load now & seems to work though. I’m surprised nobody else is annoyed by this, maybe nobody uses it.

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Hi there,
Bringing this up again. I bought IC Pro a couple of weeks ago and finally had some time playing with it today.
And indeed, the first thing that sprung to my eyes was the showing “time” instead of bars/beats.
There was an update today, but that didn’t change.
Is there a hidden setting somewhere? Or is it meant to stay like this?
Just wondering …

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Unfortunately they spend time on bells & whistles rather than useful features, it’s bizarre. They’ll do another overhaul/update of this in a few years, and then it’s Russian roulette as to whether they’ll fix it. They’re such a frustrating company, it just feels like they don’t care about their customers at all, just grabbing the money. This app wouldn’t even load for YEARS on my iPad Pro.