Bars colapsing when delete rests

in the joined jpg’s empty bars are collapsing when I try to clean up the appearance by deleting the pauses
Graphic_15_08_2017 16_06_33.png
Graphic_15_08_2017 16_06_54.png

Sorry, I don’t mean this to sound negative in any way, but why are you deleting those rests?

fair question.
those bar contain a chord progression, so for me they are not empty,
the S. solution I’m maybe chasing is “hide”.
I didnt find a way to hold those “empy” bars in place

Leave the bar rests where they are, and select them, change their “color” in the properties (opacity 0%)
I don’t know if it has changed since last time I used this workaround : in Print mode, you had to activate “view options” in Annotations.

color bar rests to white works but is still ugly as it cuts out the staff line
Graphic_16_08_2017 11_07_57.png

Don’t color the bar rests white. Set the opacity (alpha channel) to 0.

indeed !!! (my bad)

thank you all

Two additional questions/suggestions for Daniel:

After one has set the opacitiy of an object to zero, one can’t see the color box in the properties panel any more. See picture:
Color box.PNG
Perhaps a little frame around the box?

I can change the opacity of an staccato dot to zero (engrave mode), and the properties panel will show this, but the dot remains black and after I select something else, the color property of the dot has vanished again.