Bars not going to width of page on tacet and before notes

Hi - I’m using Dorico 4 Pro. I have an instrument coming in after being tacet for a few bars. However, for some reason the tacet bar(s) do not stretch to the width of the page:

There are no system breaks, or frame breaks. It doesn’t seem to matter what I try, the tacet bar (section B) will not stretch across the page! Has anyone seen this before and is there a way to force it across the page to be the full page width?



In the score you’ve removed rests. With no rests and no notes there’s nothing for Dorico to space, so it doesn’t.
Select the first visible note or rest on that instrument in the score, and untick its Starts voice property.

If you want to hide bar rests in the score, there’s a global Layout Option for that.

You have just made my day. Thank you!!!

For completeness, the layout option Leo mentions is documented here.

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