Baselines in text frames not aligned

In the screenshot below, the two text frames are aligned, and both are set to bottom-aligned, but presumably because the text items are different point sizes, their baselines are misaligned. This is even more pronounced when the frame boxes are removed from view.

I assume this is due to calculating alignment based on bounding boxes rather than baselines.


(Love Engelberg)

I think what Dorico’s doing there is reasonable, even if it’s not what you would prefer. It’s positioning the bottom of the font’s descender measurement at the bottom of the frame. It’s not using the bounding box of the text (if it were, the text would touch the bottom of the frame provided it doesn’t include any descenders).

I wonder if appending to the smaller font text a space in the point size of the larger , either at the beginning or end, would force the baselines to be even.


Thanks, that makes sense. But yes, it’s not preferable. There’s no easy way to align the baselines.

I’m hopeful there may be a consideration of baselines in the future. From a typographical standpoint, it requires me to finish many projects in InDesign. It may not be realistic with the way frames are designed, but I thought I’d ask. Thanks for considering it!

FWIW, I’ve done what Derrek is suggesting before, and it does work, but only for single lines of text with the smaller text size. If you have multiple lines of the smaller text(s) in the text frame, then of course adding this larger space messes up the line leading of the lines above it. The ability to drag a guide into place would certainly be welcome here. If you just drag a line from elsewhere, you can see it does work for single lines of the smaller size text though.

+1 for baseline alignment