BASIC controller Keyboard help please ??

I’ve recently bought Cubase and i also got myself an M audio oxygen 61 midi keyboard.

When i add an instrument track i can play it through the keyboard perfectly fine. But how do i change it so i can play the bottom end notes.

Obviously i hav 61 keys, but there’s a lot more notes than that available to use coming from cubase. I can play the notes using my mouse but i’m guessing there’s a way i can select which section of the virtual keyboard on the screen i can play on my midi keyboard. I’m not sure if i’m being clear enough ?

Basically, i hav the top end 61 notes available to me but i want to be able to change it so i can play the bottom end notes instead and vice versa. Man i feel thick… HELP ??

In this case, I can only say: Read Your Wonderful Manual. It’s there in one of the first pages of User guide of your Oxygen.

Do u mean the ‘direct link’ part ?
M audio says that you dont have to install anything to use it so i was assuming just plug in and then everything would be controlled from cubase ?

No, I don’t mean that.

Hint #2: Just read the labels of the buttons on the top of your keyboard. You should find the right ones in no time.

man, you’re like Gandalf or somethin.
Done it. It didnt come with a user guide, just a quick start guide, although thats no excuse when theres a button that says ‘OCTAVE’ above it !
Thanks for the help.

Sorry. Didn’t know that. Please download the User Guide from M-audio’s site.