Basic copy and paste

Hi… I want to move 3 bars… can’t find any way to select them to copy and paste them, searched the forum but not answered, thanks

Dear David,
Use the System track (above the top staff) to select those bars, copy, invoke the caret where you want to paste or select an object there and paste.
There’s a video on YouTube Dorico channel about the system track.
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Invoke the caret… I think some initiation ceremony should be involved

Copy and paste can involve Cmd/Ctrl+C and V, Alt+clicking or using the Edit menu.

This is pretty basic stuff. The development team have spent thousands of hours producing comprehensive documentation in the form of an 800ish page manual and hours of YouTube tutorials. Please take advantage of both.

Or alt-M or -N to move them to the staff above or below!

Pianoleo is right, but I confess I find the manual… daunting. 800 pages, and not written to be read straight through.

Also: to select a bar of music in only one staff, click anywhere in that bar. Then shift-click in the last bar of the selection to select all. Voilá, copy, paste, fin!

… or you can also select (highlight) them and use Alt+right arrow or Alt-left arrow to move the whole 3 bars in little steps to exact the new position you want to have them.

The YOUTUBE videos don’t seem to be available in Thailand… not sure who’s issue that is…

That’s very surprising. If you go to you don’t see a page listing lots of videos?