Basic Editing, Playing cursor and sound not syncron

Please help,
i have add 2 vst plugin from isotope on my insert track,
but when i play, cursor moving and sound hearing look not syncron.
i play cursor from 00.00.00 , but i can hear the sound at 00.00.10 ,
look like delay,
please help, thanks


It’s not recommended to start the project at 00.00.00. We often keep the 1st bar (or 2 bars) empty.

i Mean, i have start my audio on a specific bar, but when i play it, it sounds not on that specific bar.


When you move your cursor over already existing MIDI Note and hit playback, Cubase (all DAWs) sends MIDI Note On and the sample starts to sound from the very beginning. There is no way, how to go around this.

This is my screenshot, i play my audio event on the first red arrow, but it sounds at second arrow. Look like delay or whatever,


I see, so these are not VSTi, right? What plug-ins are these?

Is the offset here only with these plug-ins? What happens if you bypass one (or both) of them? Isn’t Constrain Delay Compensation enabled on your side?