Basic formatting of my first score page

In attempting to disable all references to “Flows” (which I cannot understand why I would want, ever, but that’s a different matter), I have messed up the formatting of my first page. I have added the title and subtitle, etc., to the info, and I added the “token” for the subtitle back in ( I had deleted it early on), but I get this:

I don’t think I want to “reset to factory”, as is suggested – I don’t even know what I would keep and what I would lose if I did. How do I get my first page formatting of the title, subtitle, etc., back to defaults?


The text in the frame is centred vertically; and it’s not large enough to accommodate both lines. . You can change the height of the frame easily enough in Engrave mode; and you can, if you want, change the vertical alignment in the Properties panel.

If you don’t ever want Flow Headings, you can just turn them off in Layout Options > Page Setup > Flows. Then save that as your default, and you’ll never see them again.

I presume you’ve manually gone into the page and deleted the Flow Heading frame, and then edited the other text frames on the page?

In Dorico, manual adjustments to a single item are always the last resort. There’s usually a way of changing things more globally first.

For instance, it’s better to edit the “First” Page Template, rather than the page itself. This makes it easier to re-use the document as a template for other projects, or to export the page templates, for other documents.

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