Basic FX Suite and the new Steinberg Activation Manager

With this new licensing format, is there any official announcement from Steinberg regarding the Basic FX Suite?

I ask because my license is in the dongle, so I would like to know about it.


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I have a lot more on my dongle and the only software that not uses the dongle anymore right now is Cubase as far as I know.

I also have licenses from other companies, but with the Basic FX Suite it’s practically a mandatory complement to the interfaces, I thought that Steinberg could have said what it will do or at least some timetable for the migration of its licenses. But as we can already see, it seems that they don’t want to care about that…

It was announced that cubase12 would be the first software wthe the new license method. The rest will follow later and for now will stay with the dongle use

Some news about?