Basic help needed

Hi there!

I am new here and to the world of music production. I purchased Cubase 8 and I have troubles when it comes to hearing the actual sound come out of my speakers (or any sources that I tried). Everything seems to be connected well and in a proper manner as I can see the sound signal going in the DAW, but I can’t record or hear anything play live when I play with my keyboard.

I linked a picture to what I think is the issue as all my outputs seems to be disconnected, but all my devices are being recognized. They are listed in the picture.

I need help. I am a music student and I really want to make this work as I paid a lot of money and don’t have much time to spend on trying to resolve these issues. I also would like to learn, for future references how it actually works, as I couldn’t find any answers in previous posts and on Youtube…

Thank you for your time and patience!

  • Mimi


please could you upload a pic with a higher resolution. I can#t really see a thing there. What you show us so far is the Midi In/out table of your Midi devices. That there are no output connections is most probably due to the fact you haven’t routed midi to the outside through one of your listed midi devices yet wich is also not needed for VST Instruments.

What is important to know is how the VST Audio Connections look like. Please open it with F4 and show us the inputs and outputs as well as the driver that is selected in the device configuration. What audio hardware do you use? and were are your loudspeakers connected to?