basic MIDI question


I cant believe i cant figure this out …

I have a midi sequencer (Arturia Beatstep Pro) that transmits on three channels 1, 2 and 10.
Want to set up three instrument tracks in Nuendo , two synths and a drum.

How do i filter the specific midi port/channel into my instrument tracks?

For instance, I have one instrument track set to listen for the “beatstep pro” on channel “1” but its actually receiving
channels 1, 2 and 10 from the sequencer (it’s receiving all channels from that port).

The channel inspector forces any midi already recorded out the track into a single channel but doesn’t restrict the midi channels in.

I can do this in ableton for instance, make three tracks, 1,2,10 and track one only hears midi channel 1 etc.

Am I making any sense?


On all three Instrument tracks set the input routing to ‘All Midi Inputs’, then, just below the VST name set the first one to midi channel 1, the second one to midi channel 2 and the third one to midi channel 10.

Each VSTi will then only respond to its own midi channel.

It’s been awhile since I’ve done anything beyond some basic MIDI recording from one synth, but the whole thing is unnecessarily convoluted and broken.

You’re supposed to use the Input Transformer on your MIDI track and setup a rule to filter out notes from everything but the channel you want, yet I just tried it and it doesn’t seem to work even using the presets… no matter what I do, it always records notes from my synth regardless of the channel it’s transmitting on. Even if I invert it and make an ‘Equal’ rule to match the channel number, the notes still come through.

Perhaps there are some additional hoops I’m not jumping through…

Synth is transmitting on channel 14, yet notes are still recorded even though I’m supposedly filtering everything that isn’t channel 10:

Oh, I see… The tiny little hard-to-see darkened power button of the ‘Module 1’ tab on the Input Transformer wasn’t on/isn’t turned on by default when you construct rules or load a preset. Brilliant. :unamused:

So I guess this is the way it’s done after all.

Input Transform can be found here by the way:
You presumably want Local on each track so you can make a separate filter rule for each channel accordingly.
And don’t forget to turn it on :neutral_face:

Oh my goodness! Thank you. I suppose that’s in the manual, seems like the hard way to do it.

While we’re at it, the other main midi question I have for Nuendo is how to select more than one midi port for incoming midi.
Right now it seems you get to pick “ALL Midi Inputs” or only one specific midi port.

Thanks again, you made my day.

True, but in midi device setup you can assign which midi devices belong to “all”. This helps somewhat if the combination you need s allways the same.

Actually, that helps too, my fader controller was always getting in the way , thanks