Basic PAUSE command in Transport

Normally I have Preferences set so the cursor returns to the Start Location. But on occasion I want to pause playback and then continue from there. This can’t currently be done without also loosing the initial Start Location position. If the Preference to return to the Start Location is disabled then the Cursor motion behaves like a pause. But now every time it stops it resets the Start Location to the current position.

I’d like to be able to leave the Return to Start always enabled and behaving like it does now. But totally independent of that to have a pause function that temporarily suspends playback and then resumes it and is never seen as a full Stop.

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You can leave the “Return to Start Position” on at the preferences and then create a macro:

Toggle Return to Start Location
Toggle Return to Start Location

I bound this macro to “Alt + Space” to act like a pause :slight_smile:

ctrl+spacebar switches this preference for me, handy to have it right there, use it seamlessly all the time depending on the task at hand.

but yeah, a pause command would be good, and or, break up all preference command toggles into separate commands as well.

I don’t use the return to start position.
I misuse the zoom men, and zoom zap to set a position and recall it. Have dedicated keys on a midi controller for the two.
There is of cause the good old, double tab NumPad 0 for return to where the playback started.
Just to give some alternative ways of working.

Unless I’m missing something this has the same limitation of resetting the Start position. I made a Macro of the above, called it Pause and assigned it to a Key Command.

a) If I start with Cubase Stopped, Return to Start enabled & the Cursor at Bar 8 and then Start Playback.
b) At bar 12 I use Pause and it stops at bar 12.
c) Then if I Start Playback wait a bit and then Stop, the Cursor returns to Bar 12 not Bar 8 as desired

I too use the NumPad 0. Hit it once will pause. Hit it twice will return.

I use the Enter key to start, 0 to pause. Double tap returns. Old Logic commands that work in Cubase. :smiley:

I don’t use the spacebar.

Again that will reset the start position to where you paused if you continue play from the pause position instead of returning to the initial start position.

Exactly, it’s not the same thing, hence my wording.
I can see how your feature request could be a timesaver when you work the way you/many do.
Anything that can improve work flow and more importantly speed is always welcome IMHO
+1 :slight_smile:


for a simple PAUSE command, that pauses playback WITHOUT setting a new start position.
(So that hitting STOP - or double Num 0 - later would return to the INITIAL start position, not the latest paused position.)

Unbelievable Cubase doesn’t have PAUSE designed as first place.