Basic procedure advice, please

Daniel,Until I’ve gotten into the flow of flows, please advise me on this one:
If I have a piece of 8 parts that I want to use in different combinations and arrangements for different players and settings, should I import them (or create them) as separate flows and then combine them in new flows with the various combinations within the project? Or can I have them all in a basic flow that I copy from into the various arrangements of the piece?
PS Downloading, cross grading and verification was done very easily this morning. Thanks a lot. DS

Do you mean that your piece is in eight movements, or that it is for eight players? If the former, then I would suggest you create one flow for each movement, but you can also create additional flows for different versions of each movement, and then only bring certain flows into the layouts that you actually print when the time comes to prepare the final version of the project for printing or performance.

We don’t yet have a feature to duplicate a flow, but we hope to add that relatively soon.

If I have eight lines of e.g. 16 bars to be played by different players, maybe I should do 8 separate basic flows and then copy them into various arrangement flows with different players?

Yes, that would probably be a reasonable approach. Hopefully you will find Dorico a flexible tool as you put your composition together.

Thank you Daniel, it sure looks great. I think I started it a bit stupidly by importing something with a lot of info and then not knowing how to clean it up and get it in good shape for work.