Basic question bout Drum Editor and velocities

Is there a way to use the drumstick with a key (tried ctrl, alt… No luck) and get different velocities to add a drum?
Like in the beat designer, where you have 3 easy level of velocities to quickly try groove…

I’m sure there is a way to add 1 kick a 110 and another one at 70 without having to put it at 110 (fixed velo) and then change the fixed velo number and tweak the 2nd one… It’s work flow killing me lol

AFAIK there is no way to do that, would be nice. You don’t have to change the fixed velocity amount use the velocity controlles at the btm of the drum editor.

Look in the key commands under Midi, then look for “Insert Velocity 1-5.”
5 different values that you can control with key commands while adding notes.
Works great for me. All you have to do is assign key commands to them.
You can change the preset velocity levels assigned to the 5 as well.
Open a drum track, look for the “insert velocity” menu on the toolbar.
If it isn’t there make it so.

yeah i know i can do it at the btm, but same as fixed, it’s workflow killer lol (and there is no number at the btm so sometimes i like it to be equal, yeah not human lol)

I’ll look into that and see if it fits my workflow…thank you !!!

I use the select tool using modifier [alt]/[option] to input drum events. Then I use [ctrl]/[cmd] + {shift] and drag velocity up/down for each note I want to change. Makes for a great workflow.

I’ll definitely look that way!!!
Thanks a lot

Adam, this one works great!
Thanks alot

Glad to help!

well glad u helped !!!
lol i’m gonna have the last word, damn it !!! (i’m adding u as a friend mate)

You know what Adam…i heard bout the ctrl+shift … but it was so badly explained i thought it was to insert a “drum”, not after, with ctr+shift and up or down !!! So i was frustrated…thanks again !