Basic question - how to see score and key editor at the same time

I normally use the Cubase key editor in conjunction with the “other” notation program. However, since Dorico now seems to incorporate a key editor I would like to adjust note values there (the actual values, not just for playback) so that they are reflected in the score. Can simply not find the answer in videos or documentation. Any detailed hints would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

you mean like this?

just click on the little arrow tab at the bottom of the screen in Write mode to see the Key Editor at the same time for the selected part(s)

Exactly, thanks, that works. Can I see several parts, though? Drag-selecting several staves doesn’t seem to show them all in the key editor (as in Cubase). Can it be done?

While you can adjust actual note values in the KeyEditor, if you want to make large and complex adjustments, including to multiple staves in one go, then you’re better off changing the notation itself.

Can you describe how you used Cubase ‘in conjunction’ with Sibelius?

From various input sources (live keyboard playing, MIDI or XML), I adjust/add/delete notes and values in the Cubase editor and export MIDI or XML to Finale for final score and parts notation (which is where I am very competent and do more or less anything I want without ever having to think …)
But the question remains (because I think it’s simpler in the key editor than in the score notation) - can I see several (adjacent or perhaps even selecting several non-adjacent) staves in the score editor to see them in the key editor? That would make me want to use Dorico much more … (which I have bought and supported from day minus zero, but never actually used …)

yes, there is a very useful key command command “lock key editor to selection” which directly links the score and key editor selections. I’ve assigned this to the jump bar as it’s one of the things I use more than anything else in Dorico.

aha, thanks. where is that key command? how to assign it to the jump bar?

just type “lock key editor to selection” into the key commands search and it will come up (under the “play” category"). If you’re not familiar with using the Jump Bar, it’s best to check out the manual which will explain everything you need to know. Basically your most recently used commands come up automatically at the top of the list but as you’ll see when going into the keyboard shortcuts, you can assign a separate jump bar alias for this function if you want to.

got it, thnx