Basic question setting up a group reverb for MIDI

I have flute and oboe midi tracks routed to a woodwinds group channel/track.

They are all working fine. I can adjust the volume of each flute and midi track separately with their faders in the mixer and the overall group’s volume with the woodwinds group’s fader. So far so good.

Exactly how do I get a simple Cubase reverb like Roomworks onto the group channel output ?

Most tutorials deal with audio and creating FX tracks. So I am thoroughly confused. For openers, when I create a FX track the selected reverb appears as an insert. I thought reverbs were supposed to be sends ? And I’m not at all sure creating a FX track is even necessary.

I would be extremely grateful if somebody could tell me step by step exactly what to do. I’ve looked at tutorials, read, diddled, and still am confused.

And if its not asking too much, same question but how to insert a third party reverb like EWQL Spaces instead of Roomworks ?



First of all, you cannot apply he Reverb to the MIDI data, you have to apply it to the Audio signal (so an Audio track or an Instrument track). Then the 1st question is, where are your MIDI Tracks routed to?

The way to Add an FX Track and Insert the Recerb plug-in (internal RoomWorks, Recerence, or any 3rd party like WQL Space) as an Insert effect. Now, use the Send slot(s) of your Audio/Instrument track(s) to send the signal to the FX Track. As you can see, you are using sends.

FX Track is necessary, when you want to apply the same Reverb (with different levels) to multiple audio signals. This is how do you emulate the different dostane from the listener.

Thanks Martin ! I got it working and understand now.
But… there is one thing still mystefying me.
Even with NO reverb added, no FX Track I have a 2 or more second reverb sounding decay on my samples and cannot fathom where it is coming from.
My samples are Cinebrass, Berlin Woods, and Kontakt factory samples. I understand that some samples are recorded very “wet” and some (VSL) “dry”. But these things all sound like they’re in a cathedral and yet I have no reverb installed. I can’t imagine that’s how they all were recorded.
I think library vendors include reverb and ditto Kontakt. But I checked them and cannot seem to find where the phantom reverb is coming from. Any clues ?



All of NI sounds are (over)Reverbed. Directly in the main view of the NI Kontakt, there is Reverb or Room knob or switcher. Switch it Off, or set the Value to “nothing” (-oo).

Sorry Martin, I’ve been all over Kontakt and cannot seem to see any reverb or room control/knob.

Where exactly is it ?