Basic question

When I start a new project I always have to reset Devices/VST connections.
Can I save this as default?

Save one of those projects as a template. Clean up and adjust that template as you see fit and re-save it. Then start your new projects using that template. Your VST connections should be set to what you want.

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Thanks mate!

Prock I’ve saved the template, how do Iget Cub 9 to start up with that template?#

From the Steinberg Hub your template should be listed in the “More” section. Make sure that you have the “Prompt for Project Location” option picked, highlight your template, and choose the “Create” button (you can double click the template name instead of pressing the “Create” button). Then chose the “New Folder” option for each new project.

Your template will open as a project as you saved it. Once open I usually hit save immediately and typically name the project .cpr with the same name as the project folder.

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Thanks Prock,
I should know all this (had Cubase for many a year) I’m grateful for the help.