Bass or Guitar TAB

Hi all,

Where can I find how to convert/add a bass or guitar line into TAB? What is explained in Dorico 3 ( by 00: 44) I do not find in Dorico 2.3


Guitar tab was introduced in Dorico 3. It doesn’t exist in Dorico 2. I’m not quite sure where “Dorico 2.3” has come from, though - the final Dorico 2.x release was 2.2.20.

I’m so sorry I wrote it wrong !!,
I mean Dorico 3.5.1 is my version!!

It’s typically just a case of
a) ensuring your player is using a fretted instrument
b) ensuring that Layout Options > Players > Fretted Instruments is set to “Notation and Tablature”. If you don’t have a fretted instrument in the layout, this subsection of Layout Options won’t appear at all.

ai ai ai ai

That was the problem indeed!
“a) ensuring your player is using a fretted instrument”

thank you very much