Bassoon …transpose ?...??

Bassoon …transpose ?
As far as I know, the Bassoon is an in C instrument !

In Setup mode,

  • add Solo player
    There is two Bassoon shown in the list as seen on the following picture:

    Just to understand why, …I added both of them in a score.
    Here :
    2 basson.png
    In «Concert Pitch» nothing special !

But when switching in «Transpose Pitch», the first sudenly appeared …!!! tranposed !!!..
3 BassonTrans.png
So… May be I’ll learn somthing ??

P.-S. If it is not the case, the tonality must be added respectively for each instrument !

I think this is a translation bug. In the English version there is a tenoroon (sometimes called a quart or quint bassoon, depending on whether it is in F or G) which is a transposing instrument.

Thanks for reporting this, Alain. I’ll alert our French translator.


Yes Rob, the last time I heard that is 40 years ago !

Here the Spec. of «Basson Quinte» from Charles Koechlin his «Traité de L’orchestration»
Basson Quinte.jpg
So, in the instrument liste the first one is the «Basson Quinte» and the second is the usual Basson in C.



the german company Guntram Wolf builds bassoons for children and use the old concept of a tenoroon (quart bassoon). They also build a different quint bassoon and even an octavo bassoon (an octave higher)!

The yellow and black lacquer is in reference to the very popular german children’s artist Janosch:

Nice, is’nt it?