Bata drum notation. One staff - two tones

Hi Dorico. I’m new. And has Dorico Pro 3. I want to write for a Bata ensemble. That means each drum has two tones. In Sibelius that I used before, there was an option called “Percussion in two lines”. But in Dorico I can only find i.e. “high bongo” or “low bongo”. Then I end up with 2 staffs for each player… I just want one staff with two tones for each player… Is that possible? All the best Jonas

You need to read up on Kits, which would allow you to group the two sounds together either onto a five-line staff or a two-line grid.

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There are no Bata drums in Dorico, and no “Instrument Designer” so you’ll have to do a bit of manual tweaking. Do you want a 1-line staff with the high and low pitches above and below the line, or do you want a 2-line staff? If you can post an image of what you are trying to achieve, we can walk you through how to do it. Do you care about playback? If so, what sound library are you using?

This type of notation would be lovely. But one line with two pitches could also work.

Sorry…Forgot. No thanks I don’t care about the sound on this one:-)

So in other words. One line, where I can put one notehead above, and another below

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I could also use this (single line, two pitches, above and below the line). No playback necessary.

Here is an idea (using a percussion kit) for you to look at.

bajaNotationIdea.dorico (474.0 KB)

Scanning through the Percussion, I found that Timbales will give you that format by default. You would just need to edit the Instrument Name.

Great. Thanks so much!

Lovely. That looks very good.

@Derrek @Craig_F Thanks!