Batch-append files?

I have a large number of transfers from cassettes, each labeled with a Side A and Side B. I need to add Side B onto the end of Side A and save as a single file. I see there is way to do that in the Batch Processor with a specific single file– but I need something that will allow me to use a regex (or something similar) to use 2 files with the same name, other than the A or B labeling.

Ideas for workflow on this?


I’ve never had the need to do this and certainly haven’t explored WaveLab enough to know if it can or can’t do it, but I do know of an app that can do it.

I don’t want to take attention away from WaveLab on the the WaveLab forum but if in fact WaveLab can’t do it, the app Myriad can do it:

It’s a really affordable app that is good to have in your back pocket for odds & ends. It’s OS X/MacOS only which may or may not be a deal-breaker.

I"ll attach a screen shot of the append workflow.

On Windows, with ActiveX scripting, there should be a way of doing it. But I think you’re on Mac, and in any case, this would not be simple.

Which plugin in the batch processor does this?

Perhaps Audio Injector? but that allows only 60secs max at start or end… and not what the OP needs due to being a single specific file.

Nothing here really did the trick, oddly enough. Myriad doesn’t have the kind of re-naming capabilities WL does. Actually, I ended up doing it in Unix, with SoundExchange!