Batch Audio Converter AAC 256 to 128 kbps?

Does anyone know of any audio batch converter that with convert 256 kbps AAC audio files to 128 kbps AAC files? I want to down convert to fit my whole music library on my phone.


You could try DB power amp

Wavelab can.

dbpoweramp won’t convert lyrics and other metadata. Waveland doesn’t do AAC nor supports metadata conversion.

FMJ Software makes various utility programs.
They have two programs that I’ve been meaning to check out forever, but …
What I’ve heard they’re good.
The programs are Awave Studio and Awave Audio and they convert (R+W) an INSANE number of formats!
There is a list somewhere on their site.

Nopr that doesn’t seem to copy over the AAC metadata at all as well, even though it SAYS it will.

Jeez, why can’t I find one friggin’ converter that will copy over embedded metadata!!!

OK. Here’s what I’m in the process of doing. I’m copying my entire music library (256 kbps) to a portable drive. Then on ANOTHER computer, import the whole thing into iTunes as a new library. Then I used iTunes to convert 256 to 128. It converts EVERYTHING but there is no way to redirect the output to another location, so I then have to delete all of the 256 kbps songs from the library and move them to trash (easy to do because you can sort by bit rate) and then I will have a folder with just 128 kbps songs AND all of the metadata. Then did the copy back to the first PC.

I think this will work. Unfortunately, the conversion process is SLOW. It’ll probably take several days. Fortunately, I only have to do this once for existing songs and then just for new songs after that.

Amadeus Pro. Wonderful little app :slight_smile:

The kind of app that can make a grown man shed a tear :slight_smile: