Batch Audio Watermarking?

I’m looking for a batch process audio watermarking solution. Can Wavelab add/blend a watermark audio file to a selection music with various durations without changing said durations?

WaveLab has a powerful batch processor; however, there is no such option, sorry.

+1 This would be a nice feature for future considerations for WL updates!

If a free standard open-source standard emerges, why not. But I would not invent one for WaveLab.


I don’t know how good this one is, just found the algorithm right now, but it is open source. Might be something to consider: GitHub - swesterfeld/audiowmark: Audio Watermarking

EDIT: And the main contributors look like they might be somewhat local to Steinberg in Germany… perhaps a possible plus? They are a couple of Hamburg and Berlin guys…

I see, though unfortunate. I saw many powerful features that make it attractive, but the one feature I need (and others would probably want) is not yet implemented. Bias Peak had this feature, but never went to 64bit before being discontinued. There is a market for this need, as content creators with hundreds or thousands of compositions need to create watermarks for web hosted audio. Wavelab seems to be the most complete and it would be a great addition.

For others who are looking, I demoed this demo and it seems to work well enough:

So I bought and it works very. Worth the $30. I’d still prefer if Wavelab added this function to be a complete solution.

Though, sometimes I think its nice to leave room for others to provide these bespoke little ‘niche’ solutions…

Other than that, good call - seems like a great little utility.! Thanks for posting.