Batch-change note values and omit rests

I feel like selecting this real-time recorded section…

…and pressing “5” should give me all eighths. Shouldn’t all 16ths become 8ths, overwriting the 16th rests?

Here, I’m pressing 6 first, which acts as I expect… then Undo, and press 5.

If the 16th rests are selected, you can’t convert them to eighths and simultaneously convert the 16th notes to eighths.

I do agree with you, though - it feels odd that this doesn’t work.

Yeah I figured that was the case, I just don’t like it. And I think it would generally not be the preferred behavior if a user is selecting a group of notes/rests and pressing a single number to make them rhythmically homogenous. Perhaps if Insert mode was on, it would make sense. Here, I think the 8ths should overwrite the rests.

Don’t know if this would help, but selecting the primary beam of the figures and pressing 4 will create a consistent sixteenth-rest pattern because it only chooses the noteheads without the rests. The trick is to select just the multiples that contain a sixteenth without also incorporating the solid-eighth pairs too. Select More will grab the eighth pairs as well as additional sixteenth-rest-eighth pairs.

Just quantise it to eighths.

…which is what I would expect to do by pressing 5. No menu clicking for me if I can help it!

Well try selecting the passage, shortening to something shorter then longer, e.g. select then 4 5

You could use Write → Edit Duration → Extend to Next Note, which works even if there are intervening rests selected, and should offer the same result if the notes are spaced apart by eighth notes.


What about after selecting everything:
Filter-> Notes and Chords (=rests get deselected?)
then hit the 5?