Batch Conversion

I have a ton of old sd2 files. I need to convert them to .wav files but when I try to convert them it is just static. Anyone have experience with using file conversion? Am I missing something?

I try to convert them it is just static

What do you mean with that?

My guess is that the resulting sound is just loud white noise instead of what the original audio was.

I would need a sample file to test, if this is the case.

If the resource fork of the original SD file has been lost (by copying to CD, DVD or a Windows machine), then crucial parameters such as sample rate and bit depth have gone with it. You would need to import the files in that case, specifying those parameters.

Alternatively, there is a very old Windows program to batch convert RAW files, which is what these are on a Windows machine, to WAV with parameters that you specify: sdTwoWav. If you have access to the resource forks, then this program can use them in them conversion to WAV.

All true. What was actually happening was the person who sent the files specified that they were 44.1/16, in truth they were 48/16. I used SD2WAV in the past and it works fine but I still don’t see the file conversion batch tool I used to use in the legacy version of Wavelab. I have around 800 files to convert. How do I do batch conversions? I can’t find a clear answer in the documentation


“Accept Unknown Audio” is on the options tab in the Batch Processor in Wavelab Pro. But it’s not in the batch converter in Wavelab Elements, if you’re using Elements.

How do I do batch conversions?

There is a batch processor in WaveLab Pro.
Please send me a sd2 file you can’t open, for analysis.