Batch Convert Sample Library - problem


I’m trying to batch convert my entire sample library from WAV to OGG so free up some GBs
But i’ve come across a problem…
Nowhere in WL do i find an option for “save to original folder”
Now no matter how deep the folderstruture is that you want to convert, WL throws all files in the same output folder. it doesn’t follow the same folder structure.
This makes the tool completely useless to me.
Anybody any ideas?

Look in
File > Preferences > Folders > Batch Processor - Save Folders

regards S-EH

Use the Batch processor, not the Batch converter, that is a light tool. This assumes you have WaveLab Pro, though.

thanks !

I have Pro 10 but i only see the batch converter, not the processor


i cannot find this screen. can you post a bigger picture (sorry… i’m a noob)

yes i got it now !! thank you very much. and the amount of options is staggering… aaaaaaaaa