Batch Export Audio marked by Cycle Markers

This is a feature that I feel is long overdue.

At the moment you can only bounce audio samples in a batch if you have created Region Markers within the Sample Editor (the exported files are named individually like the region marker). Working within the sample editor is very precise but not as flexible as editing audio on the main timeline.

On the main timeline you can set Cycle Markers which sadly don’t fulfill the same function as the Region Markers yet. You can’t tell Cubase to export every Cycle Marker to an individual file named exactly the same as the Cycle Marker description. Since many years we have to use a third party tool called MEAP which is basically a Macro that moves your mouse and does the trick. Except for one thing… Since Cubase Version 5 it can’t read the description of the Cycle Marker anymore and therefore can’t name your batch exported audiofiles appropriatley.

So, the question arises: Is there any reason why Steinberg hasn’t implemented this essential function yet? I would buy an Cubase Upgrade if this were the only new feature…
Is there anyone else who shares the same feelings than I? :smiley:

If yes, please tell Steinberg so in the posts below. Thank you! :slight_smile:


This feature is available in Nuendo.

I guess you need MEAP for this.

Please, add this to Cubase !

+1 for batch export marked by cycle markers in cubase