Batch export from marker to marker


We have some really annoying repeating export proceses from Nuendo that would love to have them automated.

I have many short video clips in the project and each of the clips has it’s sound design.

I want to export the audio for each clip and name it with the same name as video.

Is there a scripting/batch process that could automate that?
Or at least make this less painfull.

Thank you in advance.

Confused …
Unless I am missing something important … use the cycle marker Export in the Export mixdown project.


That works great, except, it would be great if filenames would match marker name/description.
Is there any such feature possible?
I don’t mind scripting it, but I don’t know where to start.


You are pulling my leg, right?


Em. No?

It exports ID of the marker, not the name: “1 - filename”, “2 - filename”, “3 - filename”…
I want them “1 - MarkerNameOne”, “2 - MarkerNameTwo”
Or just name, no ID.

Have a look at the Naming scheme in the Export Mixdown panel.


Pretty obvious once you know where to look :slight_smile:

Thank you.