Batch Export / import Audio from Instrument Channels

Hi -
I am using the Cubase Elements 9 Trial: (Deciding on wether to buy Artist / pro)

I have multiple outs from one drum kit and these go to their own instrument tracks (kick, snare, Hi-Tom etc).
Midi is on 1 midi track and channel.
I’m not used to this DAW snd it’s setup’s - but I would like to batch convert the instrument tracks to audio. I thought this would be easy - but I can’t find a way of doing it.
Can anyone help me with this / tell me how to get the audio rendered into individual Audio tracks etc?

PS - Can I change the name from “Kontakt” on the folder - it’s not descriptive if I ha 5 instances!

Here is my setup.


You can use Render in Place. In higher Cubase derivative, you can use Batch Export and import it back to the project.

Thanks mate. Yes - Render in Place is not an option in elements - so I couldn’t find anything- but I just needed to know it can do it. So that’s good.

Mind you seems like there’s no mono / stereo toggle for them - and they all need renaming, somewhat of an oversight if that’s true, especially for those who use large orchestrations. If that’s true I’ll be going over to “feature requests” pretty fast.

I would use Batch Export in you case.