Batch export midi track to audio on cubase 7

I’ve a problem, maybe you know what I can do.
I have a project with 165 midi tracks (not instrument track) with a vst intrument in the kontakt
I need to export each track separately.
I tried to do it with batch export… but the tracks don’t appear. only works with instrument tracks or audio
Any tip for me?
thanks in advance

You shouldn’t export the midi tracks, but you should export the output tracks.

So in your case, select all the Kontakt tracks. The input of the Kontakt tracks is midi and Cubase will take care of that for you.

So basically, I just think you’ve selected the wrong tracks, because what you want, is totally the normal way to work, as far as I know :slight_smile:

Of course if you are using the vsti multitimbrally and need individual bounces you should assign each one to a separate output and then do the batch export. It’s also helpful to rename each output according to the sound you’re using, to better keep track of things…


Ah, good one, Doctor Lupo! Making a VST have multiple outs! Forgot about that one!

:wink: You’re welcome. I find it a good idea to have kontakt set to give 16 outputs on default.

Thanks for answering…
do you have a video tutorial how to so it
or a step by step guide.
do I have to create busses?