Batch Export Not Consistent With Master Bus Processing

Hello friends!

I have to submit some tracks to a music library with individual stems. The master bus has mastering processing on it.

The full mix is exported just fine. But, when I do a batch export of the individual tracks, they all come out as much softer in volume than the full mix even though there is a maximiser/ limiter processing their output on the stereo out bus. Strangely enough when I solo each track and export them individually, their levels are perfect.

What could I be doing wrong? I cannot send the stems at such low levels to the library and I would like to avoid the time consuming process of soloing each track and bouncing them one at a time.

Thanks very much!

Channel batch export does not contain the master bus, but as the name implies, exports the single channelsˋ oitput.

Aaah I see…

Thanks Svennileenii

Is there any other way to batch export stems with master processing?


Ya, this would be great. Anyone that I’m delivering stems to lately would expect the returns (at least) included in the stem.

No, but depending on what the processors actually are, it does not really make sense anyway. Running stems into a treshold dependant plugin will in most cases not be the same as running a mix into treshold dependant plugins anyway

If you do that, then it’s not a stem :slight_smile:.

What about using Render in Place? There’s an option to render the full signal path including master FX. Then once you have rendered the channels individually, you can do a batch export so each track starts at the exact same time which will keep everything in sync for the person you are sending the stems to.

Thanks for the replies everyone! Very helpful!