Batch Export Question

When performing a batch export are all the volumes and inserts kept as they where or is it possible to send pre all effects at a norminalized volume?

It will export with inserts and at fader level.

To export pre-fader you could save the song under a different name, use the “Reset Mixconsole Channels” and then run batch export. This will export the wavs at their original level though…not normalised. (Which has no benefit anyhow)

Many thanks Grim :slight_smile:

You could use Sends set to pre and export that. :wink:

You could use Sends set to pre and export that.

Hi BriHar.
How would this work??

As far as I can see, there is no option to select a send as an export channel…what am i missing.

Send them to an Aux (unmapped output) then export that.

But even then, the sends are not pre all effects…

As mentioned earlier, simply use the Reset All button in the mixer. Doing so will remove all your FX, and set pan & faders back to zero with one click. Make sure you disable ALL automation before pressing the reset button though. Obviously, be careful NOT to save the project, unless you do so using a different name. But that is unnecessary since it only takes two seconds to reset everything, in case you need to do it again.

sounds like an easy way of doing it Jose :slight_smile:

It is, and it’s even easier if you can save the keystrokes as a macro. Then it’s just one key stroke to reset it all.

Just tried it and a great way of doing many thanks!

Sorry, the method I suggested would indeed still contain the effects, missed that.