Batch export stems by folder

Seems like it’s not possible to batch-export stems by selecting folders at the moment? This would be useful, as it seems Cubase uses different rules for soloing folders (which, when solo’d, will additionally solo any sends of its descendants) than for soloing group channels (which do not solo its descendants’ sends).


I tried to make a macro+PLE for it, but seems there is a bug in PLE.

I made a thread

I am trying to achieve something like :

Close folder tracks
Hide every track except folder tracks
Hide Group Tracks, FX and Input/Output Channels (because they are folder tracks also)
Go to top
Solo and Export
Go down one track
Solo and Export etc

I also have an idea to cycle this Solo & Export & Go down routine, but it is a mystery if it will work or not.


I would LOVE to see this. My workflow is to put all grouped tracks into folders, but when it comes time to export grouped stems this becomes problematic.

I have setup a GROUP and BUS for each folder and routed the tracks to the groups, and the groups to the respective busses.
However, as audiosprite has mentioned, the send fx are not exported in the batch exports. The DAW becomes a little cumbersome too in that every time you load an instrument or audio track, you have to manually map it to the correct output each time.

In this case I’ve then duplicated the sends I use
ie, strings tracks are all set to output to “strings bus”. and then I’ve 3 reverbs to use as send fx for that group only “strings reverb short”, “strings reverb hall” and “strings reverb long”. I’ve then done this for each of the group types… which means duplicating the 3x send fx for each bus, and mapping them to the correct BUS (not ideal).

This works, but has bugs (or just workflows I’m not used too yet). ie, If I want to add anything on the master output channel, a limiter or EQ, there is no audio signal as all audio is now routed via the BUS channels, making the master output somewhat redundant. My solution to this was to add a send on each of the groups at 100% to the master stereo output. However, the issue here is that when I now render a track, I get multiple new audio tracks (assuming this is because I’m sending the group track to the output…?).

I’ve probably managed to save 20-30 minutes per track when it comes to exporting stems, but I’ve gained more than that manually selecting outputs, etc… it’s a bit of an inspiration killer having to do this for each track!

Long story short - To be able to batch export stems by folder (which includes the master sends), would be amazing.


Even +1000 I’d say … I’m using folder to logically group tracks (which can have different routings), but when single channel have their own sends and when there are sidechains it becomes a very hard and time consuming story to print wet stems (meaning stems with all the signal path from source to output)

This would be a game changer, very very very useful!