Batch Export vs OMF

Hello I have recently been working on a project at a friends on Cubase 7.5. I have Cubase 8 and have watched several tutorials on the “batch export” section for audio mixdown. I tried to use the feature by setting my locators, and clicking the batch export function and stored all the wavs in a folder on desktop. I then copied folder into a flash drive and brought it home and there was no actual audio in the wavs. I think I made the mistake of not assigning the proper outputs in the VST connections tab. If I do this correctly again and am able to get all the audio wav files and their respective eq, sends automation etc, what would I do to import the project as a “whole” into Cubase 8? Should I be doing something as a “project folder” or “OMF” to keep all tracks lined up where I want them without having to open a folder and import wavs seperately and then the issue of effects, sends etc?

I am almost there but I have watched several tutorials on the batch exporting but each video is keeping the exportr import directly into the same project they are demonstrating ,which in my case isn’t helping the situation in taking project from one computer using Cubase to another using Cubase. I feel the answer is very simple but I am exausted watching the tutorials and not finding the solution.

Many thanks in advance!!