Batch exporting midi track clips as audio

Hi folks,

I’m creating music for a video game - just some short loop-able Taiko drums for now.
I’m using Groove Agent, if that matters.

I’ve got three separate tracks, with dozens of 1-measure midi rolls on each.
I want to learn the most expedient way to save .wav files of each individual clip…

The catch is, thanks to some intense reverb, each clip needs to feature an extra measure for decay.

Rather than continuing to struggle to comprehend how do achieve this, I thought I’d ask the professionals. :slight_smile:

Happy Holidays,

Hi and welcome,

Select the event, you want to “export”, and use Render in Place function (to be honest, I’m not sure, if this feature is in your Cubase derivative). You have to do this one by one, but it’s pretty fast. Select, Render, Select, Render, Select…

In Cubase Pro 9, there is an option of Batch Export. Apart from exporting individual Channels, you can also export an events in the Cycle Marker. This would be also an option.

I can’t find a “render in place” function. Looks like I’m out of luck.
Figures they’d make this a pro feature.
Looks like many, many boring hours ahead!

Thanks anyhow!

It seems, Render in Place is also nit part if your Cubase derivative.

I’m sorry…

Upgrade, or you could use 30-days Trial.