[Batch]: Frequently crashing while 'finishing' file

Hey PG,

I am doing large chunks of Batchprocessing as I am producing Audiobooks with runningtimes sometimes over 40+ hours.

Wavelab frequently crashes while finishing one of the threads.

It almost never crashes while processing only when the audiofile is being closed/written.

Would you please look into that issue as this is a pretty annoying and time-consuming problem as
all other files in the process have to be complete batched again.

Thank you!


with runningtimes sometimes over 40+ hours.

Do you mean you process files that are 40+ hours each?

No :smiley:, they are divided into Chapter.
40h is the complete running time.

Your plugin batch list is long. This means, when you run in multiple threads, these plugins are also duplicated, which adds “stress”. The block point might happen when plugins are released. Try this option, if not already activated:
Also, try use the upcoming WaveLab patch.


Hey PG, the option mentioned above is now gone in WL 9.5.15?

This option is not longer a user-option, but internally, it is always ON.