Batch Global Analysis


Next Version Feature Request:

Feed Wavelab a batch of files and let it run error analysis and the creation of markers at hot points. It would be great if you could automate/schedule batch processing and instruct Wavelab to automatically analyse contents of a specified target folder.

A possible scenario would be a very long, unattended recording comes to an end (by using the “auto stop after given duration” feature), the file is written to a folder which is, in turn, already being monitored by Wavelab’s global analysis “module”. When it sees the file in there, it begins the analysis and creates markers at hot points.

I already use 3rd party software to do exactly this but I believe it would be more efficent to have this implemented in WL.

Many thanks.

What kinds of hot points are you looking for?

The Global Analysis is fine - the hot points it creates are valid for detecting errors I’m looking for so as a system, it works great.

But my request is to be able to batch this operation. From analysis to hot point creation.

At the moment, one can only analyse files open in Wavelab. I’d like to see it analyse ALL files from a target folder with option to deferr start of analysis. So more automation really!

Like this software, for example:

Many thanks.