Batch-ISRC coding wav files (not CDs) in Elements?

Hi! I need to add ISRC-codes into several audiobooks. An audiobook typically comes in a folder with 50-200 separate wav-files, and each file needs to have their unique IRSC-code, either embedded into the file or attached to it as metadata.

I am trying to find a time saving way to do this without having to do it manually, and without having to create a CD-project first. I have a set code for each audiobook, for example NOJQD1601001, and I need it to increase by one digit per file: NOJQD1601001, NOJQD1601002, NOJQD1601003, NOJQD1601004 etc.

I think I understand how to do ISRC coding in CD projects, but I can’t work out how to do it just for the files. The running time for audiobooks can be up to 24 hrs total, so it doesn’t really fit in the CD format.

I would be really thankful for any suggestions!

WaveLab Elements does not allow you to batch process this task.

Thank you for your reply - how about the pro version?

It is possible, though this is an advanced feature. You have the possibility to inject meta-data to a batch of file, but this meta-data must be made available in a separate XML file (one XML file per audio file). In that way, WaveLab is about to extract data from the XML file (there is a configuration dialog for this), and inject that in the audio file (through a system of variables).


Hi, Philippe, and thank you again! One last question: Could I solve this by creating a DDP project (audiomontage) where I add the ISRC-codes, and then export it as wav-files? Would the metadata/ISRC-codes then be embedded/attached to the wav-files?

I have tried using Sonoris ISRC Editor to read the ISRC code from a few wav-files created this way, but so far without finding any information - I am not sure if it means the ISRC codes are not there, or if I just need another program to read/find them.

Yes it is possible. You need to create a montage with CD/DDP tracks. You assign each track an ISRC code (manual operation, or automatic with a base ISRC and an increment, thanks to the CDE Wizard). Then you render all CD tracks as separate files. To have the ISRC codes embedded in the file, you need to use a meta-data preset for ISRC (WaveLab provides one).
I just checked it and it works as expected.

Yes, I do this all the time. I render WAV files from the montage and the ISRC code is automatically embedded according to the EBU standard.

The Sonoris ISRC Tool is nice for double checking but adding the codes one at a time is no fun and while they may have fixed it, adding or editing the ISRC code in a WAV used to delete all other pre-existing metadata. That may have been fixed.

I’d say it’s best to line up your files in a montage, add CD Track Splice Markers using the CD Wizard at the start of each audio clip, and then use the CD Wizard to also add ISRC codes. If the codes are in perfect numerical order, you can add the first ISRC code and make WaveLab add the rest by increasing the number for each track for you.

Otherwise, if the codes are not in sequential order, you can manually paste them in to the CD Tab for each track.

Thank you very much, both of you. :slight_smile:

And it works in wav or just in wav broadcast?

Both. The wav becomes broadcast wav, if it’s not already, when the ISRC aXML chunk is added by Wavelab. There might be an additional required broadcast chunk added along with the aXML chunk, I’m not sure, but you could check the metadata. All afaik.

Hello Justin P,

When I render my WAV files from the montage, and I check one the file in Sonoris ISRC Editor, it doesn’t show me the ISRC code. Which means I guess that the ISRC code hasn’t been embedded in the file during the rendering.

But you say that it works for you, how do you do ?

I have no problems to make a DDP but I would like to export individually each tracks with their ISRC codes to save some time and stop doing it manually. You can find attached a screenshot of my session if that can helps !

Thanks !

Screen Shot 2017-08-22 at 17.35.07.png

This should be no problem. I have a metadata preset that I use as part of my default montage template for new montages. So basically, I never even have to think about this. It happens automatically.

You can either use my metadata preset here:

Or just be sure to paste this text in the AXML section of you montage metadata section:

<ebucore:ebuCoreMain xmlns:dc=""
<ebucore:identifier typeLabel=“GUID” typeDefinition=“Globally Unique Identifier”
formatLabel=“ISRC” formatDefinition=“International Standard Recording Code”

With that text pasted as shown in the attached screen shot, your rendered WAV files should receive the ISRC codes that you’ve already entered in the CD Tab of the montage. Until you get confident, you can always double check your rendered WAVs with the free Sonoris app.

If you use my preset, even more CD-Text info is pushed to the ID3v1 and v2 fields when you render WAV or mp3 and can be a nice time saver.

Also, I just noticed now that in the Factory Presets of the metadata editor, there is a preset named “ISRC AXML + ID3v2”. This probably also works but I think I set mine up before it was offered as a preset.
Factory Preset.png
AXML Chunk.png

Thank you so much it works perfectly !

Good to hear. This is definitely the part of the mastering process where WaveLab shines above the rest of the software options.