batch job for wrong sample rate in wav header?

I’ve client who basically messed up a project in Cubase, they’ve set the sample rate in Cubase to 44.1KHz and the actual hardware has been clocking at 48KHz

I’ve successfully changed the header info on one wav file (as a test to see if fixes the issue) using the file properties in Wavelab ‘info’ panel.

PG!.. is there a way to run a batch file job to change the sample frequency ‘metadata’ all the offending files to 48KHz, rather than do the ‘info’ routine one by one ?

Yes, this feature is new to WaveLab 9.5 (it was requested by the archiving audio community).
See batch processor:

That’s just the donkey’s knob! (which is one better than the dog’s bollocks :smiley: )
Thank you Phillipe !
I love Wavelab 9.5 :slight_smile:

…especially the excellent tech support !