Batch Meta Normalizer not working

I am on 11.0.3 M1 Mac mini. First-I drag a folder with 12 sub folders onto the batch. Only first of the folders actually loads, so I drag each folder alone. All folders loaded, I run the batch. Check output folders- all wavs appear, but most of them are silent, even tho the file sizes are correct.
What?? This happens always. Bug or am I the bug?
Thanks for any replies!

Please show the settings you are using for the batch meta normalizer.

Hi Pierre-
Sorry for delay, but I’m back. This happens no matter what combo of settings are used. Here is an example.

And here is part of the report-

This happens on the latest, as well as last 2 updates.
Have you got any ideas?

I have made some tests on my side, and everything is working ok.
Maybe there is something special in your file set. You would need to send me some files (a minimal set) so that I can reproduce the issue.

You say you are on 11.0.3, but I tested with 11.1.10, but this part of the program has not changed AFAIR.

Here are some files. 3 of them came out silent when processed.
If they all work for you, maybe my system has issues?
Thanks, David (284.7 KB)

3 of the 5 files you have put in the ZIP file, are silent. How can this work?
I am asking of course for your files before processing.

I thought you would want to see failed and not failed. oops!
Here is a set of files unprocessed, that some have failed on my machine if I try to run them…
CR68 Kit (107.1 KB)

With WaveLab 11.1.10, I have processed all your files using the same settings as on your picture, and everything is ok.
At least try with WaveLab 11.1.10…