Batch metadata of an entire music library

Hi guys,

I’m new to wavelab, and am using it for mastering purpose.
But I just realised it could very well fix one of my recent music experience issue.
I moved from the Google Play Music player, where I uplodaded my entire library of music in the cloud, to a NAS + Plex to manage my media library.
Plex use a company called to fetch and match metadata, but it’s a bit rubbish when it comes to genre and style classification, but there is a way to bypass that and use your local files meta data instead, which in my case is probably not clean.

Has anybody tried to batch process a massive file to change the genre metadata in bulk?
I have 1 300 artists, 10 000 albums and 118 000 tracks, of course the process would be per genre / sub file (I have 28 in the file hierarchy).


I would not recommend to do this with Wavelab, but can’t explain why

you can use mp3tag instead

and there is no solution for automatic “genre tagging”
this is always a mess

mp3tag seems to be Windows only, any recommendations for mac users?


Check out “Kid3 Audio tagger” open source
Switch ID3 Tag Editor free and commercial

I’m sure there is more out there…

regards S-EH

the Mac version is a bit hidden on the site