Batch Mixdown with different track lengths?

Hi - I often use Cubase to edit and mix band rehearsals and shows recorded on a stereo recorder.

This results in projects having multiple tracks of different lengths, one for each song (i.e., 10 or 12 or 15 songs), all routed to the mix bus using the same stereo output.

Does Cubase 11 have a batch export feature that can export all the songs at their individual lengths (i.e., track 1 is 4min30s, track 2 is 5min10s) using the chosen naming convention in the export window? Right now I have to export each file individually, setting the start/end markers, while leaving all the other export elements identical.

Thank you!


You can easily set up the Cycle Markers around. Just select the relevant Audio events and hit P to set Left and Right locator to selection. Then Add Cycle Marker. Done. Next song…

Then you can batch export Cycle Markers, what you can setup in the Export Audio Mixdwon window, instead of the Locators.

Thank you Martin - is this feature new in Cubase 11, or is it available in previous versions also?


Export of Cycle Markers was definitely part of Cubase 10.5 already. It came to Cubase from Nuendo, I’m not sure in which version exactly.