Batch print/export parts for all Dorico projects in a folder?

This functionality will be familiar to users of thatotherprogram. Is there a way to ask a folder or group of Dorico projects to export/print all their respective Layouts?

(The idea is that I’ve got a folder full of film cues, each in its own project, and just want all the parts for everything to be exported at once.)



You could possibly (maybe) do this by way of the commands for exporting layouts as graphics or printing them that you find in the Print category in the Key Commands editor, coupled with a simple macro to open all of the projects in a folder, but you might find it easier to drive this externally using a third-party macro program of some kind.

Interesting. I will investigate this. Thanks!

p.s. Hurry up with that scripting/plugin language! :slight_smile:

Yes, that and everything else.

This is why I love this forum.

I’m mostly here for the witticisms.

Me too, but I don’t mind when folks often digress into incredibly helpful techniques, how-to’s, and information about the program.