Batch Processing Crash

Every time I attempt to batch process with WaveArts’ Master Restoration suite, I crash Wavelab. Other plugins work. Anyone else know of other plugins that might crash the batch processor? Any experience with WaveArts?

With this plugin alone?
If you render from the Master Section, what happens?

Please try with the upcoming 7.1.1 (this week).

Nice… it also crashes the Master section.

I’ve not tested all my plugins. RX by iZotope works but the WaveArts Master Restoration has a cleaner algorithm when learning noise profiles. I’ve got about 100 files to process and working with this plugin would be ideal.

I’m looking forward to the update. I’ll report back then.

If you also crash in the Master Section, the plugin must be elsewhere. You should report this to WaveArts so that they check it.

Also… I just notice that it will generate the processed file if created from the master section but crashes after the process is completed.

I contacted WA as well.

Update - I downloaded the new Wavelab and still had the same problem. I also contacted WaveArts but haven’t had a substantial reply. I assume they are looking into it.