Batch Processing does not inherit from Render

Hi, I am not sure if it’s really an existing issue in WL7 or it’s just that I cannot find an obvious check box or option somewhere in the settings, but forgive me if it’s me.

the problem is when I choose Bach Process from the rendering page, the batch file does not inherit many specifications from the rendering page, and I would have to reconfigure from the batch page, like:

  • Output file destination
  • Output file format
  • Output file name (beside i cannot specify a name for the output, I can only use batch renaming to add something)
  • Process file in place

and I am not sure if these are the only ones,

Any help please???

These settings are not inherited. But this is not a “bug”. But maybe I should consider this for the future.

Thank you for your reply and understanding, but i did report it as an Issue, not a Bug :smiley: