Batch processing: how to keep original file extensions

hi , wavelab 11 pro user here.

i have around 5000 mpg layer 2 files from a broadcast system, with different file extensions (mus, mpg). when i batch convert them to a certain loudness level, i get mp2 extensions. this file ending doesn’t match with the playout database, the database can’t find the files anymore. is there a way to batch process and keep the original file extensions?

There is no built-in way to do this.
However, there is maybe an "advanced trick "to explore. Indeed, you can associate a naming scheme with a batch processor. In this naming scheme, you can add the source file extension as token. If you do so, you could maybe rename the files afterwards, using that added information.
Again, this is a trick to experiment with, not for everyone.

thx for the quick reply, i will take a look at this.

to keep the original extension would be a nice feature for future releases.

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